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I’m always trying to get better organized so that I can utter those beautiful words: I’m finished. I’m obsessed with the idea of being finished, yet slightly afraid of it as if somehow the universe will know I’ve crossed off the last item on my to do list and I’ll keel over and die. Right as I’m about to finish a project/get to the bottom of a pile/actually complete a task, I find myself moving on to something else which means I’m perpetually trying to get finished without ever really fully completing a job. This doesn’t apply to things that have a deadline, because you have to get those done. This is more about the annoying things that you need to do, but you never really get to. Things like getting all the birthdays that you have to remember on one single calendar that you can use year after year.

I found this calendar on a blog called The Project Girl. I’m making myself download and print this calendar right now, but I really want to read her blog to see what other projects I can start so I can take my mind off all the ones that still need to be finished. I’ll get to all of that, right after I finish the book I just bought on Procrastination…

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