spring – time for something new

It was last year at this time that I decided to start Hip Austin Mom. I can’t believe that it’s already been a year. Time seems to have gone so fast when you look back, but it takes us a while to realize this and that is why it seems to go faster as we get older. With that in mind, this spring why not plan to try something new, even if it’s something only you about. I really believe in keeping lists and calendars so you can see your progress. I also have been thinking about trying something new, and today I going to start my new project. I don’t want to talk about it yet, but I’ll let you know about it soon.

I found this on the symbolism of spring, and thought described exactly how I feel about starting the new and shedding the old.  I also thought it was funny how it mentions “life is pooping on us.” If you want to read the whole thing click here.

Insights from the Images of Easter

Taking the superstitions and rituals of the spring festivals as psychological symbols, we can appreciate the importance of personal renewal. Putting on new clothing could represent the possibility of developing a new aspect of identity or finding a fresh sense purpose. Forever clinging to old ways of seeing ourselves can end up feeling like life is pooping on us, and few appreciate adornments bestowed by birds. Birds as symbols, might suggest that our relationship with the transcendent is less than flourishing. This is about accepting change. There are times to let go of the familiar and enter a new phase of the journey. This can involve accepting a new self-image. Spring might well be the appropriate moment to don new clothes, in a figurative sense, and claim an underused side of ourselves.

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