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Starting this blog was kind of scary. I don’t know why; there was no big investment, I didn’t have to be anywhere at a certain time, I could do pretty much what I wanted. My goal for Hip Austin Mom was always to have a place for women to see what other women were doing with their lives, how they were dealing with work, kids, etc, and then anything else that I was thinking about or was current. I have been very lucky because the people I have met are all exactly what I expected – amazing women who have ideas, info and inspiration to share. One of these people is Amy Mielke. A mom who loves jewelry.  A little about Amy:  
My name is Amy Mielke. I started lia sophia back when I lived in Vegas in 2007. I have a husband and 3 little boys. My husband’s job moved us to three different cities in 3 years since then, so I took a little break from my business and now we have settled in the Austin area and I AM LOVING IT!! We purchased a home in Round Rock and just love our community!
I missed my lia sophia business so much! The relationships I’ve made, the girl time I get (because of all that testosterone in my house), the extra income and of course the JEWELRY OH THE JEWELRY!!!
Lia Sophia really knows how to spoil women. They spoil their hostesses with the best rewards program out there, they spoil us as Advisors with the best income opportunity around, trips and special awards each month and they spoil customers with AMAZING specials each month AND a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on their jewelry! They REALLY know how to treat a woman!
I love my job in that I get to have that girl time that we all desire, meeting new friends and spoiling them with some of the best and prettiest jewelry around! I want everyone to know about lia sophia and that’s why I love to share the love of jewelry…one woman at a time!! (plus all their friends for a nice girls night/afternoon out!!)
Since I’m new to the area, I need your help sharing my love of jewelry in Austin and I’ll spoil you just like all your family!! You too, will have the “love of jewelry” bug soon too!!
We’ll have so much fun dressing you up this spring with some of the best colors of the season!!
Have a Blessed, Beautiful and Blingy 2012!
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