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I love makeup and anything skin-related. Sephora is almost as fun as a vacation (almost) and since Husband hates to travel (he often says to me – why go anywhere when you live in paradise?) I take many more trips down the beauty aisle than I do to the airport. We all have our issues.

I have a few new products that I’m really loving right now. I am obsessed with the Bobbi Brown Party Shimmer Brick, and yes, the fact that it’s got a shaker and a martini glass etched into the powder doesn’t hurt either. Kind of gets you in the party mood. This was a birthday gift from my sis:)

On my last vacation, I bought Dior’s Couture Golds 554. This is the best gold palette I have seen and the color is fantastic. I need to do some makeup on one of my girls to show some of these products. I’ll work on that for my next makeup post.

Then when I was in Arizona visiting the fam, we did the official trip to Walmart (literally the only Mart for miles and miles) and I saw this little gem, and you know how I love a British product, even if it is made in China.

My last little luxury is another birthday gift from my sweet friend Sue, who also knows (obviously) that there was never a beauty product that I did not love – especially when it’s Chanel. The color is Pirate, which makes me think of Johnny Depp. How French is that? Even if he was born in Kentucky. It’s all perception, baby.

Have a Hip Austin weekend, mamas.

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English teacher turned esthetician - obsessed with all things British, Chanel lipgloss, Dior handbags and dachshunds. Supporter of animal rescue organizations, buying a puppy from a breeder is like asking LeAnn Rimes to check in on your husband while you're away...not smart. Tell me that you did and you'll receive a complimentary t-shirt that reads: I suck!
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