planning a trip to paris

I need a dose of culture in my life and so I’m thinking of planning a trip to Paris for me and the girls. I’m also excited because some of the wonderful Austin moms that I write about here are thinking about bringing their girls along for a mom/daughter European jaunt. Before you start thinking – it must be nice to be able to afford that…please. I’m planning this now so that I will be able to get the best deals, lowest fairs, etc. I’m using credit card miles that have been saved up for years, and I can travel like a college kid if necessary. If you don’t love to travel, then you can always find an excuse not to go (this is a purposeful dig at my husband who never reads my blog anyway, but you get my point).

While looking for info online about Paris, and the whole country of France and Italy, I came across this visual masterpiece. Vimeo is what youtube wants to be, when it grows up and learns to stop picking its nose to gross everybody out. Vimeo is an online forum for film makers to share their creative works. I could watch for hours. Let me know what you think of this one. In one word I would say…magical. Enjoy.

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