good seed burger

I was shopping at the Barton Creek Farmers Market and found these – Good Seed Burgers. Made from hemp, millet and chia, these are totally organic and taste even better than a burger. If you’ve never tried veggie burgers, because you imagine green beans and broccli hanging out of a bun (that’s what I always thought of) then you really need to give them a try. If you’re doing low sugar then forget the bun: only 1 gram of sugar! Get the nutritional info and where to purchase on




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hydrive energy water

Came across this new flavored water that I love! Only 30 calories and a dash of caffeine, so you can burn those 30 off and still have a pep in your step. My fave is the black cherry. Find yours.

hydrive energy water

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things you didn’t know that you needed to know

I keep thinking I’m going to wrap up Hip Austin Mom, and then I don’t. I guess I can keep throwing out a post once a month or so, until things change, which could be at any moment. Life is so exciting.

Today I googled three questions because I thought the answers could be important. I google everything, like things you would ask God if he was your mother, and if you’d actually get an answer when you need it. For example: can dogs eat Brussels sprouts? (And it’s Brussels sprouts – s on the end of Brussels, no apostrophe and I capitalize it, but that’s optional. You know how I know? I googled it.)

The answer is – Yes. Dogs can eat Brussels sprouts, according to

I also needed to know if vinegar and olive oil get old. I’ve heard they do, from Martha Stewart, but what Martha thinks is old may not be what I think is old. It has to be old enough for me to go to the store. We’re talking medieval old.


I found this funny answer from Yahoo:

First off, vinegar is already bad so it’s fine to use years and years beyond that ridiculous date.
Secondly, you have a false label. Your balsamic is NOT aged 50 years. You will see new labeling in the near future on balsamic (no more numbers).
A real 50 year old bottle (and I sell them) would be $500 and up for 3 ounces and it would be in a consorsio box. A 20 year old is $200 and a 12 1/2 year old is $130. These are aged in 7 different types of wooden casks over their lifetime.

Consider the “Law of the Land” that forces us to put dates on products that last for eons. The idiotic FDA (and it is political and solely for the economy).
Some examples:

Honey in glass–date on bottle 3 years–actual shelf life 1 million or more years (and is the only food that does not go bad).

Canned foods– all allowed 2 years–actual shelf life 10 to 100 years (which was recently documented on Discovery Channels” When Humans No Longer Exist”.

I can go on and on.
This is the same FDA that allows a child to walk in a drugstore and buy aspirin that kills 100’s of people a year but cannot buy raw milk!!

Before I lose it,
yes your vinegar is perfectly good


This got me thinking about what a BS department the FDA is, and how it’s goal should be to help people. Shouldn’t that be the goal of every government organization? It also got me thinking about how much I Hate Being Told What To Do! I know I have to pay taxes and can’t kill anyone, but geez! Don’t they have better things to do than regulate whether or not someone is eating “old” olive oil?


I don’t want to get too political here; my Brussels sprouts (minus the one I fed the dog) that I drizzled in post-expiration-date olive oil need to be taken out of the oven.

Here’s the answer to the old olive oil question according to Yahoo. It was too long to read the whole thing, but I read enough to know that it wouldn’t kill me. Or the dog.


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blood moon eclipse

I’m fascinated with the moon, especially when it’s full. Tonight is a good time to be awake (having coffee now) since the first of a series of 4 lunar eclipses will be visible from North and South America. Tonight you will be able to see Mars, which will be closer to the Earth than at any other time this year. Tonight the moon will be covered by the shadow of the Earth as the sun, Earth and moon are aligned. Hopefully after that crazy little storm we had today, the skies will be clear and we will see the full Blood Moon.


If you plan to stay up and see it, here’s the time table:

Central Daylight Time (April 15, 2014)
Partial umbral eclipse begins: 12:58 a.m. CDT on April 15
Total eclipse begins: 2:07 a.m. CDT
Greatest eclipse: 2:46 a.m. CDT
Total eclipse ends: 3:25 a.m. CDT
Partial eclipse ends: 4:33 a.m. CDT

If you were on the moon, looking at the Earth, this is what it would look like…

The moon passes between the sun and the earth during an annular solar eclipse as seen from Bandar Lampung, Indonesia Lampung province

Historically, Blood Moons were celebrated as a reminder to honor life, express gratitude. Tonight I’m going to do the same. Enjoy. The second lunar eclipse won’t be until October 8.

th (1)

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wine 4 wiener dogs

If you want to drink wine and hang out with a bunch of wieners, this is the place to go.

FullPageFinal (2) (1)


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gloucestershire cheese roll

Stumbled upon this little gem while I was planning my next trip to the UK. I guarantee you will laugh at least once if you watch this. The lady in the knee pads and guy in the horse head did it for me. This is not like any race I’ve seen in Austin. Not one person makes it to the finish line without falling. You have to hand it to these guys – they love their cheese.

If you can’t get enough, here is the 2012 video.

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austin beauty guide

Another snow day in Austin hopefully means you’re getting caught up on those things that never seem to get done. I’m still clearing out bits of Christmas from my garage and tucking it away in boxes as I find it, all the while trying very hard to fight the urge to sit and do nothing.

If you’re not up for anything other than surfing the web, check out one of my favorite sites to go to for beauty info and deals, Austin Beauty Guide. Click here to read my article on Winter Skin Tips, or search the site for any beauty-related question, find events or salons and spas. It’s the best beauty go-to for any girl in Austin.



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tim’s place – breakfast, lunch and hugs

We should all skip like this to our jobs. If I’m ever in Albuquerque I will make a point to stop here…hope you do too.

Happy Snow Day, Austin.

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audrey kelly in austin

Austin has some really great boutiques. Many of them are funky, South Congress keeping-it-weird stores that we all love. I think that’s one of the reasons that Audrey Kelly stands out as a different kind of shop. Even 20-something girls know of Audrey Hepburn, and if Grace Kelly were here today she would still be considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. That is timeless beauty.

Audrey Kelly is a boutique with items carefully chosen to reflect the timeless beauty of that era, but they also have a selection of whimsical gifts that you cannot find any place else. If you’re looking for a special gift, or need to buy for a bride or new mother, make sure you visit this shop. It’s charming, small and exquisite – just like the women it’s named for. It’s a store for the special times in your life.


 Audrey Kelly

3300 Bee Caves Road

Austin, Texas 78746


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tom ford

When I was a kid in the 80s, I listened to Duran Duran, wore a trench coat in 70 degree weather (Arizona has no winter season), and was obsessed with fashion magazines. At the time it was Vogue and if the internet and youtube would have been around I probably never would have graduated high school. Well, somehow I did and even followed a crooked path to finish college. Now, years later (I stopped counting past 20) I still can’t leave the grocery store without at least 1 magazine. My new favorite is Harper’s Bazaar, specifically for the 24 hours with section. I’ve always been curious about how other people live, specifically successful people, because they must do things better, faster, or in some way different from the rest of us. Right?

I’m sharing with you one of my favorite Harper’s Bazaar interviews with Tom Ford. Maybe because he was born in Austin, or he’s older than I am and still looks great (hope!) or because he admits to eating donuts…there are lots of reasons to love him. He’s probably the best American designer there is right now, and after reading this article I discovered, extremely clean and exceptionally organized. Most importantly, he loves his dog.

24 hours with Tom Ford

tom fordtom ford and dog

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here’s to a happy 2014

2014 new moons

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team elan

Elan Gale just scored one for people working in service industries. I wish there were more like him out in the world. While my altercation with a fellow passenger was not as altruistic as Elan’s, I’ve had my own drama with a bitchy woman on an airplane (I know, shocking). And even though I was kind of scared of her as it was escalating, I was also kind of excited that I had the guts to say something to her. Our battle was about the overhead storage area because she was removing bags (mine and another passenger’s) to make room for her own. After a less-than-friendly exchange between us, she ended up looking like an ass in front of everyone who was watching when the flight attendant came over and told her that she was not able to move any bags and that the storage bin above her seat was shared space. I probably should have stopped myself, as I was putting my bag back up, from leaning over and whispering in her ear, “I told you so,” but you know, I just said it anyway. She just glared at the seat ahead of her, literally clenching her jaw.

At least she didn’t slap me.

The Year of Elan

To read Elan’s actual tweets of the events as they played out, click here. Start at Nov. 28

Moral: If someone sends you a glass of red on an airplane, smile and say thank you.

dear diane

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